Auto-configuring mail clients

Although I tend to prefer Microsoft .NET for my programming projects, I've used a large number of programming languages throughout the years. Last weekend I did a minor project in PHP for a change.

It involves helping users to configure their mail clients pretty much automatically. Outlook combined with Exchange does this really nicely, but that functionality is not limited to Exchange. Or Outlook, for that matter. I've run my own Linux based mail server at home for years, and this little project makes things a little bit easier for users of that mail server.

If you're at all interested in this sort of stuff, check out the project on GitHub.

PS: yes, this is the first article in a long time. I've started several, but decided against them halfway through. I always write about fairly niche things, but sometimes it turns out to be a bit too niche :)

Now, I could have done all this stuff in .NET of course. I personally have ASP.NET running even on my Linux box. Since this was such a tiny project and would usually run on a Linux based mail server rather than a dedicated web server, I figured that using .NET Core or Mono would make it a bit too niche again. Besides, using PHP every now and them makes me appreciate .NET all the more.

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