De Gonz

Turfsingel 36


Date Event Artists
2010-02-13 Ceremony Of Opposites Ceremony of Opposites, Librium
2009-10-17 Three Hails to Our Unholy Master tour Black Crucifixion, Styxian Industries
2009-10-03 MetalFest Warmaster, SEITA
2009-09-12 Nuclear Fall Out - A Black Metal Blitzkrieg Blacklodge, Weltbrand, Lustmoord
2009-09-05 FUCK THE JAZZ Vuist
2009-07-25 Winds of Mortals Winds of Mortals, Sudden Annihilation
2009-02-21 Nuclear Winter Fest III Cirith Gorgor, Infinity, Zwartplaag
2009-02-07 A New Dawn A New Dawn, Bleed for Mercy
2009-01-31 Riverbreed Riverbreed, Room 32
2009-01-17 My City Burning + Bound in Blood + Embrace Destruction My City Burning, Bound In Blood, Embrace Destruction
2009-01-03 Metal Chapters NieuwjaarsBeuk Deafening, Stark, Polydrone, Bloid, Bloodline-Project