About Me

I'm a 45-year old guy from the Netherlands. In everyday life I work as a software architect / team lead for a company in the healthcare IT industry. Before that I was the senior software developer for the internet department of a well known Dutch hotel chain.

Music is definitely a passion for me. Mostly limited to listening since I haven't gotten around to learning any instruments yet, though I would like to change that sometime. I have the distinct feeling I'm incredibly untalented at it, but what the heck :) I like going to concerts whenever I get the chance..

Social networking

I can be found on a number of social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
I also have a Last.fm profile to keep track of the music I listen to and to help discover new music.
Before Facebook I used MySpace (because bands used it a lot), but I'm no longer active there.

Other stuff

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Name: Marcel Veldhuizen
Nicknames: Thorarin, Jydan, SubSpace
Date of Birth: 1979-06-18 (age 45)


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Occupation: Software Architect / Technical Lead / Software Developer
Current Employer: CSC (legally iSOFT Nederland B.V.)